Our History & Mission

Our History and Mission: Crafting Non-Toxic Toys for your little ones - The Natural.Toys Legacy

For over the period of 35 years, Natural.Toys has been at the forefront of manufacturing eco-friendly wooden toys. We took a commitment to produce non-toxic toys that promote the well-being and development of your children. Our mission has always been to provide the best toys, while creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our company was founded for the need of safer and non-toxic alternatives in the toy industry. The idea came from witnessing the adverse effects that plastic toys and mobile phone's had on both children's health and the environment. This propelled our founders to embark on a journey to create toys that were not only fun and engaging but also safe and eco-friendly.

From the very beginning, our commitment to using natural, non-toxic materials has been the cornerstone of our success. We carefully source sustainably harvested wood from certified forests, ensuring that no harmful chemicals or additives are used during the manufacturing process. Our skilled artisans then meticulously craft each toy, utilizing traditional techniques combined with modern design principles.

Our range of toys holds a special place in our hearts. We understand the delicate nature of a baby's first experiences, and we believe that their earliest interactions with toys should be safe, stimulating, and nurturing. Our newborn toys are thoughtfully designed to engage the senses, encourage exploration, and promote motor skills. From soft rattles and teething toys to sensory puzzles and wide range of stackers, our collection caters to every stage of a baby's early development.

As children grow older, their curiosity and imagination flourish, and we strive to provide them with toys that not only entertain but also inspire creativity. Our extensive catalog offers a wide variety of educational and open-ended toys that foster imaginative play and cognitive growth. From building blocks and puzzles to dollhouses and musical instruments, each toy is designed to spark the imagination and encourage hands-on learning.

At Natural.Toys, we believe that the best toys are those that not only captivate children but also have a positive impact on their overall well-being. Our toys are carefully designed to promote essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and fine motor development. By engaging children in meaningful play experiences, we aim to contribute to their growth and development in a holistic manner.

In addition to our dedication to children's well-being, we are equally committed to our planet's health. We actively implement sustainable practices throughout our operations, minimizing waste and reducing our carbon footprint. Our toys are made to last, ensuring durability and longevity, and are recyclable when their lifespan comes to an end.

Over the years, Natural.Toys has grown from a small workshop to a recognized brand all over the globe, Appreciated by parents, educators, and children alike. Our commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability remains as we continue to innovate and expand our product range. We take pride in being part of countless childhood memories and nurturing the next generation of eco-conscious individuals.

As we look ahead to the future, we remain dedicated to our mission of crafting non-toxic toys for newborns and beyond. We will continue to uphold the highest standards of quality. Ensuring that our toys provide joy, growth, and inspiration to children while leaving a positive impact on the world we share.

Please join us in celebrating the magic of childhood, where play and sustainability go hand in hand, with Natural.Toys - your trusted partner in crafting the best toys for generations to come.